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Developing your own business is impossible without your website, so domain registration is the first step to get closer to your audience, show products on online showcase, or showcase the services you provide. Personal domain is not only an online store or a marketplace; it is also your own blog where you can share ideas, tips and stories; website for creating a professional resume, with video inserts, examples of works; simulator to study the work with the site and much more.

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We have more than 280 domain zones. We are sure that you will definitely find something for yourself and your site. Popular domains, international, Ukrainian, regional and newest domains: we constantly update this list and add new zones. Moreover we are introducing Cyrillic domains that can transform your site and highlight it among many.

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We have been registering domains for 19 years already! During this period, thousands of customers have chosen us as registrants. After a while, 94% of this number have extended the previously registered names.

Domain Name is a business card

Domain name is a business card in today’s online world: as the name implies, you can immediately determine the activity of a company, understand the subject of live page or blog, find out the direction of news; in addition to the area where the site is being developed, you can determine the country and even the city: Ukraine - the domain .UA, for example.

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We are professionals in the domain registration! Every day we help to create dozens of new domain names, registering both cheap and international domains, and top-level. In addition, if you are a permanent registrar, you also get tangible discounts.

Starting from 01.12.2016 new ICANN rules come into effect, they apply to all international domains. Read more details in our blog.

Registration rights and responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

Promotional prices are valid when registering a domain for 1 year. Registration for more than 1 year and domain renewals are performed at regular price.

When registering premium domains in all domain zones (some 2-letter, 3-letter names, geographical names, names of well-known trademarks, etc.), their cost may significantly exceed the price specified in the price list. To solve this issue, our sales representative will contact you via email.

Make your personal data confidential by registering a domain using the Domain ID Protection service.

Recovery from RedemptionPeriod – the period of domain’s recovery after it’s removal. The cost of domain recovery from the Redemption Grace Period is set by the administrator of each domain zone individually.

The cost of recovery from RedemptionPeriod, excluding the cost of domain renewal, for Ukrainian domain zones: .ua – 4000 UAH; .net.ua – 1200 UAH; .ck.ua, .cherkasy.ua, .cherkassy.ua, .donetsk.ua, .dn.ua, .kharkov.ua, .kh.ua, .kharkiv.ua, .lugansk.ua, .lg.ua, .sumy.ua, .sm.ua, .zaporizhzhe.ua – 1100 UAH; .com.ua, .cn.ua, .chernigov.ua, .lt.ua, .lutsk.ua, .volyn.ua – 1000 UAH; .in.ua, .zt.ua, .zhitomir.ua – 900 UAH; .kiev.ua, .kyiv.ua, .org.ua, .km.ua, .khmelnitskiy.ua, .cv.ua, .chernovtsy.ua, .pl.ua, .poltava.ua, .if.ua, .ivano-frankivsk.ua, .uz.ua, .uzhgorod.ua, .ks.ua, .kherson.ua, .te.ua, .ternopil.ua, .od.ua, odessa.ua, .nikolaev.ua, .mk.ua – 800 UAH; .lviv.ua, .rv.ua, .rovno.ua – 700 UAH; .укр, .vn.ua, .vinnica.ua, .kirovograd.ua, .kr.ua – 600 UAH; .dp.ua – 400 UAH.

The cost of recovery from RedemptionPeriod, taking into consideration the cost of domain renewal, for international domain zones: .com, .net, .biz, .info, name, .org – $280 USD, according to the NBU exchange rate on the day of invoicing.