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Cache clearing
Protection against DDoS
Firewall (WAF)
Basic bot protection
Support for IPv6, HTTP/2, SPDY
SSL certificate
Account management
DDoS attack notifications
Managed rule sets
Ability to manage bot blocking
Website analytics
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support
Protection against third-party code
Captcha/JS Challenge enabled
Bot Analytics
Security analytics
Cache rules
Firewall rules





Additional services

  • Argo Activation

    7.50 / mo

  • Argo Traffic exceeded

    0,15 / GB

Why should you order Cloudflare with HostPro?

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Convenient payment

One common account for payments for services from HostPro and Cloudflare
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Advanced DDoS protection

Cloudflare protection and HostPro scripts repel attacks in seconds
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Integration into the client panel

Settings are available in the HostPro account without redirecting the domain to Cloudflare NS
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Round-the-clock technical support

We will help you with all settings and administration for free


Can I order additional services from Cloudflare?

Subscriptions and services such as Cloudflare Gateway, Cloudflare Spectrum, Cloudflare Access, Cloudflare Apps, Cloudflare Argo, Cloudflare Stream, Cloudflare Load Balancing, and Cloudflare Rate Limiting can be purchased from us as Cloudflare partners. These services are billed separately on a "pay as you go" basis.

What is Cloudflare used for?

Cloudflare is a service that protects websites from cyber threats and maximizes their speed through caching and optimization technologies. Traffic to your website is routed through the global Cloudflare network immediately after the service is activated.

Files from connected websites are cached on Cloudflare servers distributed worldwide. Visitors receive responses from the server closest to them. This ensures the fastest content delivery and better performance.

Why do I need a CloudFlare?

Cloudflare also blocks threats and restricts server resource bandwidth during attacks by malicious actors or scanners. For more detailed information on how Cloudflare works and how to set it up, read in our blog. To connect Cloudflare to your website, read our instruction. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Department, we are happy to assist 24/7.

Can Cloudflare be used for free?

Yes, this option is available. The free plan provides all the basic features for improving website performance and security. You can always upgrade to the "Pro" plan if you need more features.

Read more about the advantages of upgrading from the "Free" plan to "Pro" here.

What happens when upgrading from Pro to Business?

If you are currently on the paid "Pro" plan and want to upgrade to the more expensive "Business" plan, the funds remaining in your balance from the "Pro" plan will be used as payment for the hourly rate for the "Business" plan. After the paid period expires or when the funds are exhausted (whichever comes first), you will be invoiced for the "Business" plan.

What happens when downgrading from Business to Pro?

If you downgrade from the more expensive "Business" plan to the cheaper "Pro" plan, you will no longer have access to the benefits of the "Business" plan, regardless of the payment already made for this plan. The remaining balance will be recalculated to the equivalent of the "Pro" plan, and you will continue to use the service until the funds are exhausted.

What does the total account balance depend on?

The prices for plans are specified per domain. This means that payment is made separately for each domain. However, the number of subdomains does not affect the cost.

What is “AMP support”?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a technology for accelerated mobile pages, an open-source development standard created to improve the loading speed and performance of mobile content even under low network speeds.

How to set up NS for Cloudflare?

If you registered your domain with HostPro, click the "Enable Cloudflare on the site" button in your Personal Account after the order. If your domain is registered with another registrar, replace the NS with those specified in your Personal Account. You can set up a new NS in the "My Domains" section of your Personal Account. Detailed instructions are available here.

How to remove CloudFlare?

To remove the Cloudflare service in your Personal Account, click the "Cancel Service" button in the left sidebar menu. If it's a paid service, no invoices will be sent after the request is submitted.

Additionally, you must change the Cloudflare NS to your own NS. If the domain is registered with us, in the billing section on the Cloudflare service page, under "Settings," click the "Suspend Cloudflare on the site" button.

If the domain is registered with another company, you will need to manually redirect the domain to a different NS.

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