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Best hosting in Ukraine

First Turbo NVMe

Good if you’re just starting

  • Sites


  • NVMe-drive

    10 GB

  • Inodes

    300 000

Strong Turbo NVMe

Ideal for e-commerce stores

  • Sites


  • NVMe-drive

    20 GB

  • Inodes

    500 000

Powerful Turbo NVMe

Perfect for large-scale projects

  • Sites


  • NVMe-drive

    30 GB

  • Inodes

    700 000

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New VPS plans


Plans for the unsurpassed website productivity

Linux Hosting

Simple Plan – good choice for blogs and small sites

  • Sites


  • SSD-drive

    10 GB

  • PHP memory

    512 MB


SSD VPS-0 Plan with free administration 24/7

  • RAM

    1 GB

  • SSD-drive

    25 GB

  • Processor

    1 CPU

  • Dedicated IP


WordPress Hosting

Start Plan for small websites on WordPress

  • WordPress sites


  • SSD-drive

    20 GB

  • Inodes

    300 000

Best hosting from Hostpro

We are HostPro

HostPro is a Ukrainian hosting company that has been operating on the IT services market for over 21 years. During this time, we’ve managed to achieve recognition from a variety of customers and various companies. Our mission is to provide each customer with a high level of hosting and the best support.

Due to such a substantial experience on the hosting market, we set a high standard for the provision of IT-services, delivering the best, modern, high-quality, reliable and stable webhosting in Ukraine. We are the first Ukrainian company that launched cloud hosting and switched to work over HTTP/2 protocol.

If you are looking for the best hosting in Ukraine, HostPro is what you and your site need.

Top website productivity with lightning-fast NVMe drives

Hostpro is one of the first Ukrainian hosting providers who started using the new gen NVMe SSD drives to back both regular web hosting and VPS. Combined with powerful servers, the highest read/write speed and query processing is achieved, which speeds up websites 8x even when the traffic skyrockets.

HostPro hosting services

  • The fastest NVMe hosting;
  • Linux and Windows hosting services;
  • Dedicated servers;
  • Domain name registration;
  • SSL certificates issuing and installing;
  • Microsoft licenses lease.

Feel the benefits of paid hosting from HostPro now

Order hosting at HostPro — it's easy: choose a suitable service, and then place an order. You can pay using a credit card (if you are using this payment method, it will be accepted only in the national currency) or a payment terminal.

It’s easy not only to order hosting, but to start working with it ― each site is unique, and we are ready to provide Ukrainian hosting to any resource, whether it is a landing page, a WordPress business card site, a news portal on a self-written engine or an online store on Opencart — whatever you choose, you are always guaranteed fast support and consistently high connectivity.

If you are only planning to go online and this will be your first paid hosting, do not worry. You can start working with your new site within a few minutes after purchase: you can choose hosting with an installed CMS or install the engine yourself in a couple of clicks.

Another special proud thing is our young and professional technical support team. Our tech savvy staff are always ready to help you with any issues related to resource, server, SSL certificate or giving advice as far as your hosting goes. Our support department will pay you as much attention as necessary in order to solve any problem at any time.


What is hosting and what is it for?

Hosting is a service that allows you to place your information on a third-party server. In addition to the classic understanding that hosting hosts sites, there can also be databases, cloud file storages, mailboxes, FTP accounts and much more. A high-quality host guarantees that your site is always available, will work without interruptions and at a stable level.

There are three types of hosting: shared hosting, a virtual server, and a dedicated server. Each service implies an assignment of disk space, RAM and CPU power to the user for a certain period of time: in the case of shared hosting, the declared part on the server is located next to the sites or files of other clients; a virtual server is an environment with far more resources, isolated from other clients; a dedicated server is an independent physical resource that is wholly owned by one client at the time of rental.

How to choose hosting for a site?

Your first time choosing hosting for the site? Take into consideration the two components: the budget and potential traffic. If your resource is just starting, shared hosting will do. Shared hosting is a budget-friendly option. It means that your site is hosted on the same server with other clients. This is a good choice if the project is just starting up or is not intended for a large audience. If you are not a newbie and realize that the site will require more resources, you should choose between virtual and dedicated servers.

Choosing a hosting is not only selecting a suitable package, but it's also about adapting to the budget limits and making decision about the CMS system. The hosting company you choose to work with plays a very important role in this matter — a reliable and trusted provider will provide quality service to sites and provide maximum speed without any problems.

How to get a free trial period?

If you want to more accurately choose hosting or make sure which package suits you best, use the hosting service with a trial period. During the trial period, you will be able to analyze technical specifications of the package and the amount of SSD drive memory to place your files, eventually making your final decision.

We provide a free trial period for all hosting packages for 5 days and for 7 days for VPS servers. If you are satisfied with the quality of services and the amount of resources, you can easily continue using hosting by paying out your chosen package. Trial hosting does not limit your sites in any way, providing the same capacity and capabilities, as well as for users who have already paid for services. It is very easy to order a trial period. Under each package, next to the order button, there is a link to a trial period which will send you to the registration page.

How to upload a site to hosting?

If you have a website, then in order for it to be constantly online, you will need to upload it to the hosting. If at one moment you realize that you are not satisfied with the speed of your site on the existing hosting and see how frequent crashes interfere with website performance, you should consider migrating to another provider.

Uploading website content to a hosting can occur in several ways — using various FTP clients (FileZilla, Total Commander and others); through File Manager in your control panel (cPanel and others); transferring the site using SSH. In each case, you need to be careful when archiving files and placing them further. We also offer to transfer the sites of all our customers to our hosting for free, providing correct and quick migration.

To recap, our help is completely free of charge. If you want us to migrate your website, you just need to contact our support team and follow their instructions.

Looking for a reliable hosting provider?

HostPro is what you and your site needs