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About us

We are already 23 years old

By Internet business standards, 23 years age is a weighty and respectable argument. But we still continue to develop and there is no need for us to stop.

We are the dreamers. And the dreams tend to come true, aren’t they?

Perhaps this is due to looking ahead, we were the first in Ukraine launched a cloud hosting. We are Ukrainian company that expands horizons every day. Based in our country, we always welcome customers from all over the world: we have a servers in the Netherlands, in the USA and our CDN Cloudflare points are located in 35 countries and 50 cities.

Who does not make mistakes? We are ready to admit it.

We work on ourselves - always and everywhere, every time we try to bring something new. Often we are pioneers, moving the bar a little higher. Sometimes, this leads to errors. But we recognize this and we notify about them in ticket system, as well as in social networks. Do not be surprised - we do not like to pretend that everything is fine, when really we blundered.

When is your next bathroom reception? ... Yes, we love chatting with customers!

We are not robots and not trying to look pompous experts - we just try to help you. We are responding not only to mobile calls, but also following other sources of communication - live chat, ticket system, forums, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +. By the way, if you do not refuse to see us live, come to various IT meetings and conferences: we try not to miss them.

Moving forward. Move with us

Loud epithets, business mines, arrogance, pride - it’s not about us. We just help you, as you help us in difficult times. If you move with us, then we are moving in the right direction. And it’s worth it.

❤ Sincerely yours, HostPro team.

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