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Spam protection for $5/month


Protection Against Spam

The Website Spam Protection service is based on the most advanced technologies for filtering emails by different risk categories and blocking them if they were sent from compromised accounts. You can order spam protection for $5/month for one domain and an unlimited number of mailboxes. All mail starts to be filtered after changing MX records. We can also manually add domains to the white or black list at your request.

With MailChannels, one of the best commercial spam filters on the market, you'll forget what manual spam checking is like – emails from bots and suspicious senders will first go through anti-spam servers, be checked against a number of criteria, and, if they meet them, be quarantined. You will receive notifications about each such case in user email. If necessary, you can mark quarantined emails as necessary.

Advantages of ordering spam protection

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Clean mail on the domain

Enterprise-level anti-spam will block unwanted incoming emails
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White and blacklists

Whitelisting and blacklisting senders, convenient email sorting
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Expert support

Free consultation, help with changing MX records

Free website migration

Are you not hosted with us? We will gladly transfer your website to our servers and give you 1 month of Hosting and an SSL certificate for a year


What happens if a spam email is detected?

When the MailChannels system detects a compromised sender, it generates a spam email notification. After that, a notification will be sent to your user email that the blocked email has been "quarantined". You can unblock it yourself by clicking on "Manage Quarantine".

How does the Spam Protection service work?

Suppose you've been looking for a place to download WordPress spam protection. In that case, we have good news for you, because with HostPro you can get automatic protection against spambots and suspicious senders without downloading any WP plugins. You simply order spam protection for $5/month for 1 domain (unlimited mailboxes) and that's it – your corporate email will contain only business information and no annoying or dangerous messages.

Does this service include spam protection from Contact Form 7?

WordPress spam protection includes protection against spam coming from Contact Form 7, so you will only receive "clean mail".

Are spam messages deleted immediately?

No, even spam messages will never be deleted without your consent. If MailChannel detects that it cannot deliver a message, the email will be quarantined and you will receive detailed information about the problem.

When will the spam protection service be activated?

Spam protection will become available on your website after you change MX records.

Spam protection for $5/month

Protect your domain from online threats
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