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Profitable Affiliate Program

Get benefits from attracting customers. Income up to $25 from the first order

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Affiliate program

Stage 1

Registration Register in our affiliate program or activate it if you are already our customer.

Stage 3

Promotion Copy your affiliate link and create your own affiliate discount code.

Stage 5

Reward Withdraw your profit in a convenient way for you.

Earn easily!

Tariff Reward
First Turbo NVMe 3
Easy 3
Start 3
Pro 3
Resseler 1 3
Cloud Site 3
Strong Turbo NVMe 6
Comfy 6
Strong 6
Powerful 6
Business 6
Reseller 2 6
Powerful Turbo NVMe 10
Fast 10
Hefty 10
SSD VPS-1 10
SSD VPS-2 10
NVMe VPS-1 10
NVMe VPS-2 10
Premium NVMe VPS-1 10
Premium NVMe VPS-2 10
W-Fast 10
Reseller 3 10
SSD VPS-3 15
SSD VPS-4 15
NVMe VPS-3 15
NVMe VPS-4 15
Premium NVMe VPS-3 15
Premium NVMe VPS-4 15
W-Rapid 15
TurboVPS-2 15
SSD VPS-5 20
SSD VPS-6 20
NVMe VPS-5 20
NVMe VPS-6 20
Premium NVMe VPS-5 20
Premium NVMe VPS-6 20
TurboVPS-3 20
W-High-speed 20
SSD VPS-7 25
SSD VPS-8 25
NVMe VPS-7 25
NVMe VPS-8 25
Premium NVMe VPS-7 25
Premium NVMe VPS-8 25
TurboVPS-4 25
Physical servers 25

Earn easily!

Easy start

In order to participate in the affiliate program it is not necessary to use our services. Just register and start attracting customers.

How to attract a client?

Your site: simply place our advertising banner on your website or send a recommendation with your affiliate link.

E-mail newsletter: send letters to your friends, acquaintances and customers. Along with the affiliate link, you can give them a 10% discount coupon on our services. Perhaps some of them are looking for a good hosting right now.

Social networks and themed forums: tell about us on your personal pages on social networks and place your affiliate link. If you visit themed forums, share the affiliate link and a discount coupon with other visitors.

How do I know that I brought a client?

In the affiliate control panel, you can track attracted orders and their status. You will see whether the order was completed and paid and whether there are commissionable fees.

How is the money awarded?

The commission is charged for the first payment made by the customer you have attracted. The funds are credited to your affiliate account 37 days after the customer has paid the invoice. You can withdraw funds from the account to the main balance after reaching the minimum commission amount of $10, on a bank card — $25.

How to get paid?

The payment is made on your request. You can request a commission payment in a convenient way: on a credit card or your main balance. The withdrawal of funds is carried out by the manager in the manual mode and can take up to 72 hours.

Affiliate program validity period

If an affiliate doesn't refer any clients during 3 years, the affiliate program gets closed for the partner and the balance gets reset to zero.

What if you still have questions?

If you have any questions about our affiliate program or you would like to offer cooperation on your own terms, please contact us at [email protected], we will be happy to discuss it.

Partners are not allowed

Order services using your referral link

Use your affiliate link to register an account or order services for personal needs.

Use prohibited sites for advertising

Post information about Hostpro on sites that violate existing laws.

Advertise in search engines

Place contextual advertising or display advertising about Hostpro company (including, by keyword: hostpro, хостпро) in any search engines.

Force customers

To force customers to redirect to Hostpro resource using a referral link or an advertising banner.

Violate any rules of conduct on the Internet

Create, post, or send advertising information about the Hostpro company in violation of the law.

Violate the above mentioned rules

Violations of all the above rules are monitored. If the violation is confirmed, the partner is excluded from the Affiliate Program.

Earn easily!

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