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WordPress hosting

  • LiteSpeed website accelerator
  • Extended technical support
  • Daily backups

Secure and fast WordPress hosting in Ukraine


For small WordPress websites

  • WordPress sites


  • SSD-drive

    20 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    512 MB

  • Inodes

    300 000


For WordPress online stores

  • WordPress sites


  • SSD-drive

    30 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    1024 MB

  • Inodes

    500 000


For developers of WordPress websites

  • WordPress sites


  • SSD-drive

    60 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    1536 МB

  • Inodes

    700 000


  • Control Panel


  • File Manager

  • Number of subdomains


  • SSH, sFTP/FTP, SCP access

  • Access and Error logs (server logs), server statistics

  • Management of .htaccess

  • Cron job scheduler

  • Custom error pages

  • CMS auto-installation



  • Web server


  • PHP versions

    4.4 - 8.1

  • Perl versions


  • Ruby Selector

  • Zend Optimizer

  • ionCube Loader

  • NodeJS Selector versions

    6.17.1 - 18.9.1

  • Python Selector versions

    2.7.18 - 3.9.12

  • Server locations

    Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA


  • MariaDB

    10.3 - 10.4

  • PostgreSQL


  • Access to phpMyAdmin\phpPgAdmin

  • Remote connection to MySQL


  • Number of mailboxes


  • Mail protocols


  • SSL encryption

  • Web-interface

  • Mail redirection

  • Antivirus mail checkup

  • Spam checkup

  • Mailing Lists


  • Daily backups

  • Antivirus scanner

  • Spambot protection

  • Directory protection through passwords

  • SSL Let’s Encrypt

Necessary WordPress Tools

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A simple interface for installing WordPress.
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LiteSpeed ​​Cache

Your website will load faster thanks to caching at the web server level.
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Activated WP-CLI

Manage your WordPress website from the command line.

Management from your Client Area

A simple interface for setting and managing your WordPress website.


WordPress Manager

The elements of the WordPress control panel are already integrated into the Client Area. And now you can create site backups, update CMS versions, change themes and plugins, manage domain names and much more directly in your Client Area. Convince yourself of the comfort and ease of management right now.

Profitable hosting for WordPress

Get more than just hosting

The domain for free

If you order web hosting in Hostpro for 1 year or more we will give you the one free domain name in the zone for 12 months.

SSL Certum as a gift

Order any WordPress plan for 1 year or more and get Certum Commercial SSL certificate for 1 year free of charge. To acquire the certificate, please contact our Sales Department.

Extended support

Our tech support specialists have been working with the WordPress platform for more than a year. We will transfer your website to us, configure WordPress plugins and optimize the speed of the site 24/7.

Advanced security

Every day, WordPress sites and plugins are checked for vulnerabilities. We back up your website every night and store it for a month. In the case that your site is hacked, we will resume it for free.

Hosting as a gift

We will quickly and carefully transfer your website from another hoster and give you a month of use of your hosting plan as a gift.

WordPress Hosting by HostPro

WordPress is a content management system (CMS or "engine") that allows you to control everything related to a resource: from gathering statistics and publishing posts to the visual part, style and fonts on pages. Every third website in the world is based on this CMS.

Are you planning to order hosting for WordPress? All you need to do is to choose a hosting plan according to an acceptable price, your needs, and the number of visits to the site per day.

With additional plugins as well as with a backup service, your website will be protected from unpredictable situations. Our hosting for WordPress allows you to keep all your files and data safe: login methods, two-step authentication, replacement login link along with daily backups will preserve your personal information.

Today WordPress is the most popular CMS system, which is trusted by both Ukrainian and global companies. A huge amount of content and training videos in combination with a simple interface make WordPress a convenient and high-quality solution for your website. While WordPress hosting by Hostpro provides the maximum loading speed and reliability of saving your website data.


How do I configure VPS for WordPress in the right way?

At the moment, there’s no ‘right’ configuration as everything will depend on the VPS server capacity, the chosen control panel and the structure of the website. There is a chance to fine tune the server parameters on VPS since you can use root access.

When the site works under the WordPress CMS, there are some basic recommendations as far as server configuration goes:

  • Apache + Ngninx / Litespeed (processing Fcgi / php-FPM);
  • MySQL (MariaDB 10.2 and later);
  • Using the php 7.4 and later version with additional opcache and memcache (memcached) modules;
  • Configuring the caching service (memcached | redis) and using caching plugins on the basis of the given server.

You can always reach out to our tech support to receive professional advice in regard to VPS server configuration so that your website needs are well met.

How is hosting for WordPress different?

The main advantage of the given server is the prebuilt type of the LiteSpeed web server which allows you to use its LSCache function. LSCache is directly installed into the web server which allows you to use the caching principle more effectively. Using the functions that resemble the work of mod_cache, LScache partially processes both static and dynamic content which lowers the load on the CPU of the server. As a result, the average website response time decreases. To use the LSCache plugin, you need to install it to WordPress and complete the configuration of the plugin. Also, the server has the WordPress Manager panel function which allows you to change the password of the website administration panel and the password of the database via the cPanel control panel.

How to transfer a website to WordPress?

The website consists of: website file structure, database. The configuration file of the given CMS is located in the root directory of the website and has a name which is wp-config.php. The DB_NAME | DB_USER | DB_PASSWORD parameters correspond to the database name, the user name of the database and the database user password. You can use these data to receive access to the very database of the website in order to create the damp (a file which will contain the table of the database structure and the data of the database) in the .sql format. For full transfer, we create a new database on the server and execute the import of the database damp into this new database. Upload the website files to the website root directory on the server using FTP. In the wp-config.php file, write new parameters to connect to the database. Next, check and, if necessary, change the website root directory in the website files and database.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed hosting is the principle on which the hosting provider’s structure is built and configured. In other words, fully managed hosting implies that the hosting provider takes care of everything. The hosting provider supports and updates the machine and system part of the servers, executes and improves the monitoring system of all server functions. In the case of system breakdown, the hosting provider is responsible for the removal of system and machine defects. Additionally, the principle of managed hosting implies that backup copies of a website are created and stored for a certain period of time. Managed WordPress hosting from Hostpro uses and follows this principle of the managed hosting structure.

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