GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain

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Geo Trust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain

The certificate is issued for 5 domains and 4 subdomains. It verifies company’s registration and domain name’s ownership. Available for legal entities.

Geo Trust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain
$ 250 / year
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The Geo Trast True BusinessID with Multi Domain certificate is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses with a large number of sites which is important for customers’ confidence.

GeoTrust is one of the leading brands in the SSL industry.

Using only one certificate, you can protect up to 100 domains, which significantly saves the company’s budget. The cost of the certificate includes protection of 5 main domains. For an additional fee you can add 95 additional domains.

Geo Trast True BusinessID with Multi Domain provides 256-bit data encryption. To obtain this certificate you have to pass the Certification Authority Validation. It consists of verification by location, phone number, domain ownership. And the final step is the Certification Center confirmation call.

To accelerate the procedure of the certificate issuance before the order is necessary to fulfill the certification center requirements. A full list can be found here.

Compatible with 99.3% of browsers:

chromeChrome 3+(and higher)                    opera Opera 7+(and higher)                   safariSafari all browsers

firefox-512-2Firefox 1+ (and higher)                  netskape Netscape 9+(and higher)                  ie11 IE 5+(and higher)

aol AOL 10+(and higher)

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Certificates’ features and specifications

  • Validation - Organization;
  • Certificate for 5 main domains;
  • Included 4 additional domain;
  • Ability to protect up to 100 domains;
  • 256 bit encryption;
  • Free license for an unlimited number of servers;
  • Free re-issue of the certificate, unlimited number of times, during the validity period;
  • Compatibility with browsers and mobile devices - 99.3%;
  • Money back guarantee - 30 days;
  • The certificate is confirmed by a 2048-bit signature;
  • The company checks the domain and the entire organization;
  • Includes site seal;
  • The certificate is insured for $ 1,250,000;
  • Ready to go in 1-3 days;
  • Free technical support 24/7;
  • Issue of the certificate 24/7.

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