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Your profit $3 $6 $10 $15 $20 $25
Package customer ordered Easy, Resseler 1 Useful, Strong, Powerful, Resseler 2 Tasty, Huge, Fast+, Quick+, W-Fast, Resseler 3 Rapid+, W-Rapid High-speed+, W-Flash Large, Widescale, Volumetric, Giant, Dedicated servers

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In order to participate in an affiliate program, it's not necessarily to use our services. Just sign up and start attractingcustomers.

How to attract customers?

You can attract customers by posting on your website or various resources your affiliate link or our advertisement banners. You can also offer your friends a coupon with 10% discount on our services, that will be useful to you andyour client.

How do I know that I've brought the customer?

In the affiliates control panel you can track involved orders and their status. You will see whether an order has been placed and paid out, are there available order's fees.

How the money are rewarded?

Fees are rewarded for each payment, made by client you've attracted. Funds come to your affiliate account 37 daysafter the invoice has been paid out by the customer. You may withdraw funds from the account after reaching the minimum amount of $ 35 fees.

How do I get payout?

Every month you may request payment of the fees by your preferred method: a credit card, Webmoney or yourprincipal balance. The payment is carried out upon your request from 1 to 10 of the next month.

Partners are not allowed

To advertise in search engines

To place context or media adverts about the company Hostpro (including adverts by the keyword: hostpro, хостпро) in any search engines.

To use forbidden websites to advertise

To post information about the company Hostpro on sites that violate applicable law.

To violate conduct rules in the web

To create, post, distribute advertising information about the company Hostpro in violation of the law.

To force customers

To make force redirection of customers to Hostpro resource using affiliate link or advertising banner.

To order services using your affiliate link

It is not allowed to use your affiliate link to register an account or order a service for personal purposes.

To violate the above mentioned rules

Violations of all the above mentioned rules are monitored and if the violation is confirmed the partner is excluded from the "Affiliate Program".

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