About us

Hostpro is 17 years old

According to the standards of internet business, 11-years period is quite enough to become a respectable and formed company. We are improving the quality of our services day by day and we are not going to stop.
Dreamers are working at our company
May be that is why we were the first who started offering Cloud hosting in our country. Actually, our company is Ukrainian, but as we dream of the company development all the time, we have managed to create our Cloud in Russia and Netherlands. Our CDN locations are located in 50 cities and 35 countries!

We know our mistakes and problems
We even write about our drawbacks in our ticket system and on the company Twitter page. Don’t get surprised, we simply don’t want to tell the clients that everything is fine when it is not so.
We adore to communicate with our customers
We communicate with our clients not also by phone, via ticket system or live chat, but also on forums, in Twitter, Facebook, G+ .By the way, if you don’t like the social networks, please attend IT-conferences, forums and different company gatherings- we visit them quite often.

Sincerely yours, HostPro team.