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Service Level Agreement (SLA) for “Virtual Servers or Virtual Hosting” Services

1. Terminology

Customer — the recipient of the service provided by the Contractor.
Contractor —
Service — Virtual Servers or Virtual Hosting.
Scheduled Maintenance — pre-planned activities that help maintain equipment operability, improve quality, and update infrastructure, software, networks, engineering, and other systems. Emergency and Urgent Works — unplanned activities. Conducted promptly to prevent or resolve emergency situations.

2. Subject of the Agreement

This agreement defines the quality of the Service provided by the Сontractor and the responsibility for its unavailability.

3. Basic Technical Support Provision Procedure

The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with round-the-clock basic technical support via tickets. The maximum allowable response time to a Customer's request in the ticket system is 30 minutes.

4. Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance may lead to Service interruptions. The Contractor reserves the right to conduct such activities. Before the commencement of maintenance activities, the Contractor will send a notification to the Customer’s email address provided during registration in the Personal Account, no less than 24 hours in advance. The Customer's Services may not be unavailable for more than 8 hours within one month. According to clause 7 of this agreement, the Customer is entitled to compensation if the maintenance time exceeds 8 hours within one month.

5. Emergency and Urgent Works

The Contractor reserves the right to carry out emergency and urgent works. In case of emergency and urgent work, the Contractor reserves the right to notify the Customer immediately before the Service interruption.
The unavailability of the Service will be equal to the actual time required to eliminate/prevent the critical situation. The duration of emergency and urgent works cannot exceed 7.5 hours in 1 month. In case the time of emergency and urgent works exceeds 7.5 hours within 1 month, the Customer has the right to claim compensation in accordance with clause 7.

6. Denial of Compensation

Compensation for service interruptions is not provided if the situation arises due to:

- changes made by the Customer that directly or indirectly affected the Service;
- improper functioning of software installed by the Customer;
- hacking of the Customer’s websites/software by third parties;
- force majeure circumstances;
- power outages;
- mobilization measures;
- any impact of government authorities, laws, decrees, resolutions, or government actions;
- inability to perform work during curfew or air raid alerts;
- the Customer contacting after 7 days or more from the moment the Network or Services became unavailable;
- unpaid Service bills;
- natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, or other natural phenomena;
- epidemics, pandemics, or lockdowns;
- strikes, suspension of activities, or closure of banks and/or any financial institutions, terrorist acts, imposition of sanctions.

7. Contractor's Obligations

The Contractor undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to ensure Service availability at a level of no less than 99% per month, which corresponds to a total Service unavailability period of no more than 7.5 hours per month. If the Service availability falls below the stated 99% per month, the Customer is entitled to compensation in the form of +1 day for each additional hour of Service unavailability. However, the total compensation amount cannot exceed the full monthly cost of the Service.

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