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Concrete5 Hosting

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Optimized hosting for Concrete5 in Ukraine


For small WordPress websites

  • WordPress sites


  • SSD-drive

    20 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    512 MB

  • Inodes

    300 000

Concrete5 Start

Archive plan

  • Concrete5 sites


  • SSD-drive

    10 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    512 MB

  • Inodes

    300 000

Concrete5 Pro

Archive plan

  • Concrete5 sites


  • SSD-drive

    20 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    1024 MB

  • Inodes

    500 000

Concrete5 Business

Archive plan

  • Concrete5 sites


  • SSD-drive

    30 GB

  • Memory for PHP

    1536 MB

  • Inodes

    700 000


  • Control Panel


  • File Manager

  • Number of subdomains


  • SSH, sFTP/FTP, SCP access

  • Access and Error logs (server logs), server statistics

  • Management of .htaccess

  • Cron job scheduler

  • Custom error pages

  • CMS auto-installation



  • Web server


  • PHP versions

    4.4 - 8.1

  • Perl versions


  • Ruby Selector

  • Zend Optimizer

  • ionCube Loader

  • NodeJS Selector versions

    6.17.1 - 18.9.1

  • Python Selector versions

    2.7.18 - 3.9.12

  • Server locations

    Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA


  • MariaDB

    10.3 - 10.4

  • PostgreSQL


  • Access to phpMyAdmin\phpPgAdmin

  • Remote connection to MySQL


  • Number of mailboxes


  • Поштові протоколи


  • SSL encryption

  • Web-interface

  • Mail redirection

  • Antivirus mail checkup

  • Spam checkup

  • Mailing Lists


  • Daily backups

  • Antivirus scanner

  • Spambot protection

  • Directory protection through passwords

  • SSL Let’s Encrypt

Additional services

  • Dedicated IP

    3.00 / mo

  • Additional disk 10 GB

    5.00 / mo

The Advantages of Concrete5 Hosting from HostPro

Variable and easy to manage panel

Concrete5 is completely free

The Concrete5 system core is free and accessible for everyone - no need to pay for a localized version or subsequent updates of the "engine". You pay only for hosting services and for renting a domain name.

Ultrafast SSD drives

All of our customers' sites are hosted on an array of modern SSD drives with RAID10 technology - this allows us to minimize the loading of one page up to 0.8 seconds, increasing the average speed by 5 times.

Quick installation and start

Hosting for Concrete5 simplifies the start of a site in the Internet, providing a ready-made platform for work. Now you do not need to pre-configure the system, search for the desired distribution or the latest update - the installation of CMS is simplified to pressing one button in your account.

Simple panel with visual editor

Do not like how this or that block is located? Want to try something new by creating a unique design or editing the current template? The Concrete5 visual editor will allow you to do this even without programming skills - add functional elements through the control panel and move them using the visual editor.

The team of professionals around the clock

Every day, in spite of any situations, events or dates, we are always ready to help: if the site has problems that you are unable to solve, our technical support team will come to the rescue and help to fix your hosting service as soon as possible.

Free site backups

Do you conduct experiments, upgrade the system, install new plugins and fear for the security of your data? Not worth it, all Concrete5 hosting client sites are backed up every day, what helps to protect against unintentional loss of important files. Backups are stored on our servers for 30 days, you can get them any day.

Hosting as a gift

We will quickly and carefully transfer your website from another hoster and give you a month of use of your hosting plan as a gift.

Hosting for a site on Concrete5

Concrete5 is a free CMS system designed to manage sites of various directions, which combines the broad functionality and ease of use at the same time. In addition to many different tools “out of the box”, Concrete5 boasts a visual template editor - change the external structure of pages, move blocks, place and add elements with simple actions.

The open source CMS Concrete5 allows you to not only use standard tools, but also manually improve existing. If necessary, in the online catalog of the “engine” you can find many useful plugins that complement the missing functionality.

Despite the fact that the Concrete5 system is relatively young, it managed to quickly enter the list of popular systems, thanks to a growing user base. Concrete5 hosting is a convenient solution that allows you to create an online resource based on an evolving CMS, avoiding the installation, upload, configuration of the database and other preparatory procedures. The idea from you, a platform for implementation from us.


What is Concrete5 hosting?

Hosting for Concrete5 is the server that is already optimally configured for the sites managed by Concrete CMS. If you choose the option of CMS installation when placing your order, you won’t have to install CMS manually after the order has been placed. You’ll be able to manage your website right after the order has been placed. The given control panel allows you to install the necessary version and PHP parameters for your project. LiteSpeed on the web server and SSD disks, which are used on the server, ensure that the information is processed quickly and there is content delivery.

How to configure VPS for Concrete5 correctly?

The configuration of the server will depend on the VPS server capacity, the chosen control panel, and the website structure. Basic recommendations which regard server configuration include: Apache 2.4 + Nginx 1.x (cgi/Fcgi) | Nginx + php-fpm; PHP 7.2 +; MySQL 5.1.5 | MariaDB 10.1 . You can always reach out to our tech support to receive instructions as far as VPS server configuration goes, which should meet your website needs.

How to order hosting for Concrete5?

Having chosen the price plan by pressing the Order button, you will see the form to place your order. In the order form, you need to choose to register a new domain name if you do not yet have your own domain name or the corresponding transfer points (to complete the procedure for transferring a domain name to us as a registrar) or your domain (to register a hosting service for an existing domain name). Next, you can choose the Concrete5 installation to have CMS installed automatically after you complete the order and choose the pricing plan payment cycle. At the third step, if you’re a non-existent client, you need to fill in registration data and the procedure of placing the order is complete. To your email, you’ll receive a letter with the data to your new hosting and the admin panel of the site.

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