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TurboSSD Hosting

The service is not available to order. Try our new plans on high-speed NVMe drives


SSD Hosting is even faster with NVMe drives!

First Turbo NVMe

Good if you’re just starting

  • Websites


  • NVMe-drive

    10 GB

  • inode

    300 000

Strong Turbo NVMe

Ideal for e-commerce stores

  • Websites


  • NVMe-drive

    20 GB

  • inode

    500 000

Powerful Turbo NVMe

Perfect for large-scale projects

  • Websites


  • NVMe-drive

    30 GB

  • inode

    700 000


Archive plan

  • Websites


  • SSD-drive

    30 GB

  • RAM for PHP

    256 MB


Archive plan

  • Websites


  • SSD-drive

    50 GB

  • RAM for PHP

    256 MB


Archive plan

  • Websites


  • SSD-drive

    70 GB

  • RAM for PHP

    256 MB


  • Control Panel

    DirectAdmin, cPanel, Multiadmin cPanel

  • File Manager

  • Number of subdomains


  • SSH, sFTP/FTP, SCP access

  • Access and Error logs (server logs), server statistics;

  • Management of .htaccess

  • Cron job scheduler

  • Custom error pages

  • CMS auto-installation



  • Web server


  • PHP versions

    4.4 - 8.1

  • Perl versions


  • Ruby Selector

  • Zend Optimizer

  • ionCube Loader

  • NodeJS Selector versions

    6.17.1 - 14.18.3

  • Python Selector versions

    2.7.18 - 3.8.12

  • Server locations (DirectAdmin):

    France, USA

  • Server locations (cPanel, Multiadmin):

    France, Poland, Netherlands, USA


  • MariaDB

    10.3 - 10.4

  • PostgreSQL


  • Access to phpMyAdmin\phpPgAdmin

  • Remote connection to MySQL


  • Number of mailboxes


  • Mail protocols


  • SSL encryption

  • Web-interface

  • Mail redirection

  • Antivirus mail checkup

  • Spam checkup

  • Mailing Lists


  • Daily backups

  • Antivirus scanner

  • Spambot protection

  • Directory protection through passwords

  • SSL Let’s Encrypt

Additional services

  • cPanel control panel (1 account)

    1/ mo

  • cPanel MultiAdmin control panel plan First

    2/ mo

  • cPanel MultiAdmin control panel plan Strong

    3/ mo

  • cPanel MultiAdmin control panel plan Powerful

    4/ mo

  • Dedicated IP

    3/ mo

Free website migration

We give you Certum Commercial SSL certificate and one free month of hosting as a housewarming gifts

Benefits of SSD Hosting on NVMe drives

Convenient management

Choose your own convenient control panel for SSD hosting on NVMe drives: the world's most popular cPanel; DirectAdmin with support for popular OS and software; MultiAdmin, with which you can easily manage several sites simultaneously – you can give developers the access via cPanel only to the site they are working on.

Faster than ever

All your data is placed on a RAID10 array of SSD drives. This allows you to decrease the average page load speed 3x (up to 0,8 seconds).Thanks to the PCI Express 4.0 interface on SSD NVMe drives data is processed in order of priority and in multiple threads – that’s how the maximum possible read/write speed is provided.

High security

Too lazy, perhaps, don't know about the reliability of NVMe drives. Thanks to integrated structure and the absence of moving parts NVMe drives are more resistant to being hit or vibrations and allow you to work over a wider temperature range. Even if the memory is full, SSD NVMe drives continue to read data.

Free backups

From now on, you don't have to worry about saving your resource data – every night we backup every site on the server for free and give you the opportunity to get any archive for the previous 30 days. No matter what happens, you'll be able to restore your site's backup in minutes, or at hours as a last resort.


Why have SSD plans moved to the NVMe disks?

When the opportunity to purchase NVMe drives came up, we immediately started moving from conventional SSD drives to the SSD NVMe drives of new generation. The motivation for the moving to new drives was the significantly faster read/write speed and database query processing.

What to do if I've been using old TurboSSD plans?

You don't have to worry anyway – all your data will be quickly and carefully transferred to the new plan and NVMe drives by our technical support specialists.

When will old TurboSSD plans expire?

Now TurboSSD plans are not available to order, but still available to renew. The plans will remain in effect until the last customer. Faster, upgraded Turbo NVMe Hosting plans are available for ordering at the moment.

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