Domain COM.UA
99 / 1-st year

*on conditions that a new domain is registered for two years period. The further annual price is 310 uah

The most popular domain in Ukraine: COM.UA

Domain .COM.UA is the most attractive and very common among Ukrainian users. Created in 1995 for commerce in Ukraine, has a brilliant online reputation. More than half of the websites in Ukraine have .COM.UA extension and today 300 thousand sites of various kinds and themes are registered in the domain zone.

When searching for a brand of your company in Ukraine, users will try to find it in the .COM.UA domain. Registration of .COM.UA domain is a logical step if you plan to represent yourself or conduct business in Ukraine.

Domains in the .COM.UA zone may be purchased for up to 10 years to residents and non-residents of the country, individuals and legal entities. When registering a domain, it is worth considering that the minimum count of characters in the website name is 3, and the maximum is 63. It is important that the website name is easily remembered and reproduced by your visitors.

The leading position in Ukrnet .COM.UA domain is also because the registration is instant, and for its implementation is not required to have a trademark, as is the case with the .UA domain. You can save money on registration of this popular domain. The promotional price $3.71 for the 1-st year is available only for new domain registrations for a period of 2 years. The promotion doesn't apply to renewal of registered domains and for registration of premium domains.

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Free SSL certificate

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Site's personal mail

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