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The .com.ua domain

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13.07 Registration
13.07 Renewal

The .com.ua domain registration

The .COM.UA domain is the most attractive and very common among Ukrainian users. Created in 1995 for commerce purposes in Ukraine, the domain has a brilliant online reputation. More than half of the websites in Ukraine have the .COM.UA extension and today 300 thousand sites of various kinds and themes are registered in the domain zone.

When searching for a brand of your company in Ukraine, users will try to find it in the .COM.UA domain. Registration of the .COM.UA domain is a logical step if you plan to represent yourself or conduct business in Ukraine. A domain in the .KIEV.UA zone can be registered by any interested person: individuals or legal entities without providing any documents.

When registering a domain, remember – the ideal domain name contains between 3 and 15 characters. It is important that the name of the site is easily remembered, reflects your activities and contains keywords. At the same time it is best to avoid hyphens, dashes and double letters.

You can purchase a domain in the .com.ua zone for 1 to 9 years. At the moment, the registration price is 13.070000, transfer is 13.070000. You can renew the domain for the next year at a price of 13.070000.

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Tips for Choosing a Domain

Step 1

Research the market

Before you register a domain for your business, you should pay attention to the names your competitors are using. Avoid registering names that are coherent with the existing ones. Absent-minded customers can make a mistake and place an order on a different website instead of yours.

Step 2

Make sure the domain is easy

You should register a domain name that is easy to remember and spell. Avoid using double words, numbers, dashes and similar characters. The easier the website address is, the higher the odds are that a potential user will find you in particular and not your competitors.

Step 3

Check the domain history

A domain name which had been previously registered can be either useful or harm your website. A domain that has been under the sanctions applied by search engines can compromise the reputation of your business. Check out our article that can help you when checking the domain history.

Step 4

Register domains in different zones

Your business idea may attract other entrepreneurs. Some dishonest competitors may use your reputation and popularity to register the same name in a different zone while stealing your clients. By purchasing domains in other zones and redirecting traffic from those domains to the main one, you broaden your business’ outreach on the internet.

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Buy and register the domain .com.ua FAQ

How much time do you need to register the domain .com.ua?

The time necessary to register the domain depends on a domain zone. Most domain zones can be registered within 30 minutes after the payment has been received.

A domain in the .ua zone can be registered only after it has been approved by the registrar. It can take up to 2-5 week days (very rarely can it take up to 14 days) in the case when the TM number is correct when placing an order on the website.

The .ru and .su domain registration can take up to 1 day after valid data has been submitted.

The .od, .ua, .in.ua, .yalta.ua, .crimea.ua, and .lviv.ua domains can be registered within an hour (in some rare cases, it can take up to 1 day).

The .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .info, new gTLD domains, .com.ua, .kiev.ua, .org.ua, .pl.ua, .zt.ua, .rv.ua, .if.ua, .vn.ua, .ks.ua, .km.ua , .uz.ua, .cv.ua, .cn.ua, .ck.ua, .co.ua, .biz.ua, .dn.ua, .kh.ua, .lg.ua, .zp.ua , .sm.ua, .dp.ua, .net.ua, and .УКР domains can be registered within 10-30 minutes (or within a day).

What is DNS and why do you need it?

Domain Name System (DNS) service is meant for computers which work in the global network. DNS helps identify the server’s IP address where a domain is placed and lets computers fetch content from the server.

What will happen if I don’t pay for the domain on time?

If you fail to pay on time for your domain, it is moved to the RedemptionPeriod. This is a period of domain recovery after it has been deleted. The price of restoring the domain from the Redemption Grace Period is individually set by the administrator of each domain zone.

The redemption price excludes the price for domain extension and amounts to the following sum for Ukrainian domain zones: ua - 4000 UAH; .net.ua - 1200 UAH; .ck.ua, .cherkasy.ua, .cherkassy.ua, .donetsk.ua, .dn.ua, .kharkov.ua, .kh.ua, .kharkiv.ua, .lugansk.ua, .lg.ua, .sumy.ua, .sm.ua, .zaporizhzhe.ua, .zp.ua - 1100 UAH; .com.ua, .cn.ua, .chernigov.ua, .lt.ua, .lutsk.ua, .volyn.ua - 1000 UAH; .in.ua, .zt.ua, .zhitomir.ua - 900 UAH; .kiev.ua, .kyiv.ua, .org.ua, .km.ua, .khmelnitskiy.ua, .cv.ua, .chernovtsy.ua, .pl.ua, .poltava.ua, .if.ua, .ivano-frankivsk.ua, .uz.ua, .uzhgorod.ua, .ks.ua, .kherson.ua, .te.ua, .ternopil.ua, .od.ua, odessa.ua, .nikolaev.ua , .mk.ua - 800 UAH; .lviv.ua, .rv.ua, .rovno.ua - 700 UAH; .укр, .vn.ua, .vinnica.ua, .kirovograd.ua, .kr.ua - 600 UAH; .dp.ua - 400 UAH.

The redemption price with the count of extension period for the international domain zones amounts to $280 for .com, .net, .biz, .info, name, and .org. The amount to be paid depends on the currency rate provided by the National Bank of Ukraine on the day the bill is formed.

Once the RedemptionPeriod is over the domain goes on sale.

I have registered a domain. What’s next?

Domain registration is the first step to creating a website. A domain must be a ‘legal resident’ of the internet network to be noticed by your potential clients. High quality and fast hosting is the second step to enticing clients to your site. You can find the hosting you need on the list of Hostpro plans which reflect your website’s needs. Our tech experts, who work 24/7, can help you choose the right hosting and tune the work of your website.

Is it necessary to specify personal data when registering a domain?

The registrar cannot register a domain without the registrant's data. Otherwise, the domain will be available for others to order.

You need to specify the zip code and address for international domains. If this zip code doesn’t exist or it doesn’t match the address, the registrar will reject the registration application. According to the rules of service for international domain zones, you need to confirm your contact information after registering a domain!

You will be sent an email to verify the data specified in the contacts. This letter will contain a link to verify the information. You just need to click the link and the information will be verified. If the domain owner doesn’t verify the information, the domain will be blocked by the registrar.

How do I get a month of hosting for free?

After paying for our hosting services, create a ticket with the “I want to get the gift in addition to my new domain” subject. In the ticket, specify the control panel which you’d like to install. The offer is valid for the First Turbo NVMe plan and lasts for a month. After this month passes, you’ll get an invoice to be paid upfront so that you can use our hosting service next month.

Which documents do I need to buy the .COM.UA domain?

You do not need to provide any documents to register a domain in the .COM.UA zone.

Is it possible to register the .COM.UA domain without a trademark?

Yes, in order to register a domain in the .COM.UA zone you don't need to have a trademark.

How much does it cost to register a trademark for the .COM.UA domain zone?

The minimum cost of filing an application for TM registration by one applicant is 3200 UAH (in case of an electronic application) and 4000 UAH if the application is physical.

If there are several applicants for one trademark, the cost of filing the application is 5200 UAH.

Additional fees:

Each additional NCL class – 4000 UAH.
Submission of color image in the application – 1000 UAH.
Each class in case of publication of the issuing a certificate in black and white image – 600 UAH.
Publication of the mark in color image – 200 UAH.

When obtaining a certificate on the mark the state fee is additionally paid:

For individuals and legal entities residing in Ukraine – 85 UAH;
For individuals and foreign legal entities residing/established abroad – $200.

*Indicated price of trademark registration is provided for information purposes and is current as of April 2022, according to the information indicated on the official website of Ukrpatent. We cannot guarantee that these prices will remain the same and will not change.

Period of trademark registration is 18-20 months. With additional payment the term of trademark registration is reduced to 7-8 months.

Features and advantages of the .COM.UA domain

Domains in the COM.UA zone are most often registered in Ukraine. As of today, more than 340 thousand domains in the .COM.UA zone are already registered. Created back in 1995, this domain is time-tested and is essentially an Ukrainian analogue of the international "gold standard" – .COM domain.

But its popularity is due to more than just that: .COM.UA domain is easy to remember and reproduce, in addition, it is not necessary to have a trademark for its registration, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the launch of your project.

This domain is perfect for any business or non-profit organization in Ukraine. Moreover, many international corporations often choose .COM.UA for their Ukrainian representative offices.

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