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Cloud is convenient and profitable


Customer satisfaction

Add servers automatically when there are lots of traffic, ensuring unbreakable access to your site


No extra charges

Delete servers at times of low traffic so that you don’t pay for the ones you’re not using at the moment



Set the autoscaling rules. A stable site will allow you to focus on your clients.

Increase and decrease resources automatically

Load jump

Load jump

If there is a sudden spike in the work of the server, meaning that the load is great, it may have a negative impact on your site. Even if productivity decreases for a short period of time, it can deter visitors from using your site. When you move to the cloud, this problem will be solved.

Memory management

Memory management

You can always control your cloud hosting by increasing or decreasing the RAM of the disk via the control panel. The cloud will eliminate problems with the peak load and excessive resource consumption at times when you’re not using any resources.

Automatic scaling

Automatic scaling

If you want the system to automatically regulate resources needed for your website, the cloud hosting service with its automatic scaling will get the job done. Set the limits manually when configuring the server or change the settings when needed and free your mind.

Start using 2% CPU / 2 GB RAM / 25 GB SSD

For as much as 0.043per hour!

Processors 1 core Up to 16 cores $0.001 / hr
Processor speed 1% Up to 100% a core $0.001 / hr
RAM 1024 МБ Up to 32 GB $0,013 / hr
SSD disk 100 GB Up to 1 ТB $0,053 / hr
IP address 1 Up to 5 $0,0041 / hr
Access speed 100 Mbit Up to 1 GB $0,013 / hr

*The cloud server will be ready to work in a few minutes. Please register, set the necessary parameters and start working. To run the cloud server you’ve created, your balance should have money on it.

**Need more resources? Get in touch with our customer support at [email protected]


Payment and settings

How do you calculate the price for the resources?

Every server calculates the price on an hourly basis. The payment is withdrawn from your balance every 7 days

How do I put money on my balance?

You can put money on your balance using any convenient method. You can create an invoice in your Client area in the billing.

When my server is off, do I end up paying anyway?

When the server is off, the payment is calculated for all the resources excluding the processor.

How are resources calculated?

The total price of the service is calculated when all used resources are added up. You pay for as much processor time as you’ve used. The payment for the disk and RAM is based on the specified amount no matter how much was actually used.

How often can I change server configurations?

You can change server configurations at any given time.

Which automatic settings can I leverage?

You can set rules for disk and RAM autoscaling. In the panel for server management, specify the point for increasing/decreasing a resource, the time for checking resources (from 5 to 30 minutes), and the upper/lower limit after reaching which the process of resource increasing/decreasing will be terminated.

Will the server restart after changing the resources?

RAM will change without restarting the server. The server will restart only when the disk size and the number of cores will be changed.

How do I start working with the cloud server?

The service is not available to order.

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