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your resources automatically

The leap in server load

Unexpected leap in high load on the server can affect the perfomance of your site. Even a short-time drop in productivity can lead to loss of visitors.

RAM management

You can set up rules in control panel to increase or decrease the amount of disk's RAM. This will solve the problem of peak loads and idle resourses.


Granted resources will be constantly changing automatically, based on website load and your settings. You can manually set use limits of other parameters while configuring server and change them as necessary.

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Total from $0.043 per hour!

CPU 1 core Up to 16 core $0,001 / hour
CPU Time 1% Up to 100% per core $0,0001 / hour
RAM 1024 MB Up to 32 GB $0,013 / hour
100 GB Up to 1TB $0,053 / hour
IP Address 1 Up to 5 $0,0041 / hour
Access Speed
100 MB Up to 1GB $0,013 / hour
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*Cloud server will be ready to go in a few minutes. Simply sing up, set the required parameters and get to work. To run your created cloud server, your balance should be positive.

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Payment and configuration

  • How the payment is begining calculated?

  • How to re-fill my balance?

  • Does the payment calculated when my server is down?

  • How the resources are being calculated?

  • How often may I change server configurations?

  • Which automatic settings are available for me?

  • Will the server be rebooted after resources change?

  • How to get started with cloud server?

Cloud server is ready to use within a few minutes!

Total from $0.043 per hour!

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