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Certificate Certum Multidomain Premium SSL

  • Protection information
  • Incrеase position in search
  • Growth of trust visitors
Certum Multidomain Premium SSL

Certum Multidomain Premium SSL

This certificate guarantees protection of your primary domain. In addition, the certificate can be installed on different servers. Trusted Wildcard CERTUM requires verification of additional data contained in CSR request.

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Certum Multidomain Premium SSL


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Certificate Certum Commercial Wildcard SSL is a fast and effective way to protect your primary domain itself and it's all related subdomains. Using just one certificate, you can protect the site together with,, etc. It is usually issued in minutes, as the site passes only a domain name validation. It will be a perfect solution to quickly increase the credibility of your site with https and the Site Seal site icon.

Compatible with 99.0% of browsers


Google Chrome 3+


Mozilla Firefox 1+


Safari 0+


Opera 7+


IE 5+

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Certificate’s features and specifications

  • Certificate for 4 domains;
  • Validation type - Extended;
  • Green address bar
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited servers’ license;
  • Compatible with 99.0% of browsers;
  • Free SSL re-issuance;
  • 30-days money-back guarantee;
  • The certificate is verified by 2048/4096 bit signature;
  • Certificate issuance period may take up to a week
  • The certificate is insured for $1 000 000;
  • Site seal (Secured by Certum);
  • Free technical support 24/7;
  • Certificate issuance 24/7;
  • Suitable for large corporate portals, online stores, banks.

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