Complaints Handling Policy

The procedure of handling complaints of violations

All complaints as far as abuse goes are accepted and processed the following way

All the incoming emails to the [email protected] email address are stored and processed by the special Hostpro Lab program. Hostpro Lab’s tech experts look into each complaint from Monday to Friday during the work hours.

The necessary form on the Report Abuse page is to be filled out. The form can be filled out in Ukrainian, Russian, or English. The form should contain:

1. Full information about the individual who reports abuse, namely their email address, full name, company details, mail and official business addresses, and phone number.
2. In the Message field, the abused rights are to be specified as well as how those rights were abused.
3. In the Attachments field, the documents that confirm the case of abuse and let the individual represent the rights of a given company are to be provided. The documents include but are not limited to the author’s or intellectual property rights, trade mark numbers which are applied on the territory of Ukraine, licensed agreements, or a power of attorney and alike.

Procedure for processing complaints and deadlines

1. Complaints are processed within 24 hours.
2. After the Hostpro Lab tech experts verify the case of abuse, the website owner/domain registrant, who is responsible for the violation, will receive a notice.
3. Relevant and verified complaints are processed within the dates established by the legislative body. The time needed to process a complaint will not exceed 5 days since the date the complaint reached the Hostpro Lab company.
4.Replies with complaint resolutions are provided only to the relevant complaint that has been previously claimed as an abuse case and has been supported by the necessary document.
5. The Hostpro Lab company is not to be held responsible for those complaints that didn’t reach the [email protected] email due to technical issues.
6. All applications reporting abuse are processed according to the PUBLIC CONTRACT for hosting services, Public contract for domain name registration services existing international laws in Ukraine and legislation of Ukraine.