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The best hosting for October CMS

Simple CMS installation
Protection from viruses
Fast SSD drives

Best October CMS hosting


October CMS Start

For single page websites on October CMS

3.45 / mo


  • 2 October CMS sites
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 512 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

October CMS Pro

Ideal for corporate websites on October CMS

6.85 / mo


  • 15 Concrete5 sites
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 1024 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

October CMS Business

Solution for big projects on October CMS

8 / mo


  • 25 October CMS sites
  • 30 GB SSD
  • 1536 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

Additional services

  • Dedicated IP 3 / mo
  • Additional disk 10GB 5 / mo

Core benefits of hosting for October CMS

We offer all-in-one solution to match your CMS

Simple installation in just a few clicks

To make the October CMS installation simple, we use the Softaculous system on our servers. The system lets you install the latest CMS version automatically. Also, the older versions are also available.

Free daily backups

The backup copies of your website are created once a day at night time. Those backup copies are stored for a month. If there is a necessity, we can quickly restore the latest version of your website.

Professional ‘round the clock tech support

At any time of day—on holidays, weekends, and weekdays—our professional tech support can help you choose a plan and tune everything for the perfect work of your website ASAP.

All conveniences for developers

All extensions and software necessary for building sites on October CMS have already been installed to your account. We use the latest versions of those extensions and software. The older versions are also available.

The most popular control panel to manage hosting

With cPanel, you can easily manage all aspects of your hosting account: you can add email accounts; manage your files, security, and FTP; and control your website altogether.

Created to be fast

Based on blazing fast SSD drives, PHP7, HTTP/2 and having an opportunity to connect to CDN from Cloudflare for free, our plans are created for the mind blowing speed of your sites.

Certum Commercial SSL certificate for free

When ordering any tariff for a year or more

Reliable hosting for websites on October CMS

Easy to use and easy to start working with

The main benefits of renting hosting for October CMS are the convenience and a simple start. October CMS is installed on hosting automatically in the control panel, which saves time significantly. You can always choose the latest version of the system as well as the older versions. Right after paying or getting a trial period, you can start working.

October CMS, like everything good in this life, can be understood at first sight. The principles implemented in the CMS are natural and have been in programming for a long time. Even if users have little to no technical background, they will be able to manage the contents of the page through the WYSIWYG editor, manage images and videos as well as other files. Users can also edit the websites’ menu with the help of visual interface.

Due to its simplicity and convenience, October CMS is gaining traction both in Ukraine and worldwide. With the hosting from Hostpro, the CMS becomes even more convenient.


We will transfer your sites to Hostpro

All plans include

  • Hosting control panel cPanel;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Database server MariaDB 10, phpMyAdmin;
  • Database server PostgreSQL 9.2, phpPgAdmin;
  • LiteSpeed Web Server;
  • PHP 4.4 - 8.1;
  • Perl 5, Python Selector, Ruby Selector, NodeJS Selector;
  • SSH upon request, sFTP/FTP, SCP access (secure data copying);
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Mail lists/forwarders/autoresponders;
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP services for mail management (including SSL encryption);
  • Secured webmail interface;
  • File manager (via hosting control panel);
  • Unlimited subdomains;
  • Subdomains, websites and FTP accounts management;
  • Access and Error logs (server), server stats;
  • Password protected directories;
  • Custom error pages, managed with .htaccess;
  • Cron task scheduler;
  • Daily data backup;
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL;


  • Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v4
  • Instruction Set 64-bit


  • Size: 128 GB


  • Volume: 3 ТВ
  • RAID10 on the SSD disks
  • Read speed : 550 MB/s
  • Write speed: 520 MB/s
  • Adaptec 7805 controller


What is hosting for October CMS?

Hosting for October CMS is a server which is fine-tuned for ensuring websites’ work under this CMS.

How do I order hosting for October CMS?

Choose the best plan and click "Order". The first step of ordering the service will come before you. You need to specify the existing domain or order a new one. Then you can choose the October CMS auto-installation and specify the payment cycle. At the third step, you need to fill in the registration data and click "Continue". You’ll receive an email to your inbox with your hosting and control panel access details.

How do I transfer the site on October CMS to your hosting?

To migrate to our hosting, create a request on the page with the website transfer. Our tech support will quickly and carefully transfer your projects. The transfer is free of charge. You will also receive Certum Commercial SSL and the first month of hosting for free.

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