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Fast Hosting for Magento Website

Free SSL
Convenient control panel
Daily free backups

Quality hosting for the site on Magento


Magento Start

Fits single-page sites on Magento

0.58 / mo

Regular price 5.75

  • 2 Magento sites
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 512 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain


up to 90% off on product orders

1 month

Magento Pro

Great for online stores on Magento

0.92 / mo

Regular price 9.15

  • 15 Magento sites
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 1024 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain


up to 90% off on product orders

1 month

Magento Business

Magento Website Developer Solution

1.04 / mo

Regular price 10.35

  • 25 Magento sites
  • 30 GB SSD
  • 1536 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain


up to 90% off on product orders

1 month

Additional services

  • Dedicated IP 3 / mo
  • Additional disk 10GB 5 / mo

Benefits of Magento Hosting

Convenient system for your website and online store

Magento is a free management system

The free version of Magento CMS will provide all the conditions for creating a full online store with the potential for further development. All updates and additional content are free and available to all administrators of the “engine”.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Web Cache is installed on our servers, so, your site visitors do not have to wait until the content gets loaded — it will load instantly. Just install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on your website in order to take full advantage of it.

Setting up catalogs, subsections and product groups

Magento has implemented many options to create all kinds of directory structures, categories and subgroups for the offered goods and services. Group, fill out positions and make the catalog convenient for customers.

24/7 technical support team

Our technical support team will help you with any issue related to hosting. Not only on weekdays - around the clock, any time of the week, we are ready to assist your site and troubleshoot.

One-click Magento Installation

Magento hosting includes the installation of the most current and the most up-to-date version of the “engine” with a single click. We took care that the start of your project was as convenient and fast as possible: with one click and you are ready to go.

Free backup

Problems encountered, unintentional deletion of data, incorrect updates and the human factor - no one will protect themselves from such problems. We thought about it beforehand, by providing backup to Magento hosting customers. Every day we archive the sites of our customers and keep backups for 30 days, we help to restore the site if required.

Certum Commercial SSL certificate for free

When ordering any tariff for a year or more

Best Magento Hosting from HostPro

CMS Magento is a well-known and easy-to-understand content management system, which is among the five most popular “engines”, and more than 250 thousand online stores operate on its basis. Magento is the choice for many administrators thanks to many built-in functions, convenient work with different currencies, lots of additional content, directory settings, as well as a simple and adaptive control panel.

The idea behind Magento CMS is a flexible in settings and multi-faceted system, perfect for managing an online store. Multicurrency allows you to conveniently interact with an audience of the whole world, by making it easier to configure the price category of goods and services. In general, the work with price indicators in Magento is organized conveniently and thought out - discounts for regular customers, temporary promotions, price reduction, coupons and much more - even basic tools allow you to create demand for products.

When you create an online store, think about ordering Magento hosting, which is a quick and convenient solution for business that will eliminate unnecessary actions, such as installing a CMS or setting up a database, and provide a ready-made platform for work.


We will transfer your sites to HostPro

All plans include

  • Hosting control panel cPanel;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Database server MariaDB 10, phpMyAdmin;
  • Database server PostgreSQL 9.2, phpPgAdmin;
  • LiteSpeed Web Server;
  • PHP 4.4 - 8.1;
  • Perl 5, Python Selector, Ruby Selector, NodeJS Selector;
  • SSH upon request, sFTP/FTP, SCP access (secure data copying);
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Mail lists/forwarders/autoresponders;
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP services for mail management (including SSL encryption);
  • Secured webmail interface;
  • File manager (via hosting control panel);
  • Unlimited subdomains;
  • Subdomains, websites and FTP accounts management;
  • Access and Error logs (server), server stats;
  • Password protected directories;
  • Custom error pages, managed with .htaccess;
  • Cron task scheduler;
  • Daily data backup.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL;


  • Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v4
  • Instruction Set 64-bit


  • Size: 128 GB


  • Volume: 3 ТВ
  • RAID10 on the SSD disks
  • Read speed : 550 MB/s
  • Write speed: 520 MB/s
  • Adaptec 7805 controller


How to configure VPS for Magento?

The Magento CMS is one of the most resource-consuming CMS. This CMS is a framework with a big number of libraries. A big amount of RAM is needed to process all these libraries. You need to choose the VPS plan by looking at the RAM volume. The recommended memory_limit for the Magento CMS is 256 MB. But in reality you need to allocate 512 MB of memory_limit for processing scripts. It’s crucial to optimize MySQL in accordance with the price plan capacity. The speed of the website depends on the processing speed of MySQL queries. The following should be installed on the server: Apache 2.4 + Nginx 1.x (cgi/Fcgi) | Nginx + php-fpm; MySQL| MariaDB 10.4; for the latest Magento Version - PHP 7.4.0; additional caching services. You can always reach out to our tech support to receive instructions as far as VPS configuration goes so that it meets your website needs.

What is Magento hosting?

Hosting for Magento is the server that is fine tuned for websites that are managed by Magento CMS. LiteSpeed on the web server and SSD disks ensure high performance which allows the websites to load faster. The given control panel allows you to install the necessary version and PHP parameters. If you choose the option of CMS installation when placing your order, you won’t have to install CMS manually after the order has been placed. You’ll be able to manage your website right after the order has been placed.

How safe is your Magento hosting platform?

The ModSecurity module is installed on the server. The module protects from SQL injections whereas the ImunifyAV module performs account scanning to detect possible vulnerabilities in the code. When you send a request to the tech support, your account will be scanned via the Ai-Bolit utility and you’ll receive a report which you’ll be able to read. The report will look like an .html page. Additionally, Firewall is used to block IPs which act suspiciously.

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