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Reliable Drupal hosting

Instant CMS installation
Unlimited possibilities
Technical support 24/7

Hosting for Drupal by HostPro


Drupal Start

Suitable for single page sites on Drupal

3.45 / mo


  • 2 Drupal sites
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 512 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

Drupal Pro

For online stores and Drupal sites

6.85 / mo


  • 15 Drupal sites
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 1024 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

Drupal Business

Solution for large projects at Drupal

8 / mo


  • 25 Drupal sites
  • 30 GB SSD
  • 1536 MB memory for PHP
  • cPanel
  • Location of the server: Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, USA
free SSL

free SSL

free domain

free domain

36 months

Additional services

  • Dedicated IP 3 / mo
  • Additional disk 10GB 5 / mo

Why should you choose Drupal hosting from HostPro?

Fast “engine” for any online store

CMS Drupal is a completely free product.

Drupal is a well-known and popular management system among developers and administrators, its main advantage is an open source and a flexible structure that allows you to control the configuration system. You do not have to pay for Drupal or for its updates - it is completely free.

Convenient one-click installation

Drupal hosting is designed to remove unnecessary problems related to downloading and setting up the “engine”, leaving the most important thing: install the latest version of Drupal in one click directly from your personal account. And that’s all. No searches, downloads, or giveaways. So simple.

Simple control panel open to improvement

The Drupal control panel is very variable, but at the same time it is understandable even to those administrators who have not used it before. And thanks to the fact that the panel can be configured and brought into a more convenient state, the choice of Drupal hosting becomes even more logical.

Unreal speed

Your site will be hosted on an ultra-high-speed array with RAID10 technology, the new SSD drives will speed up the loading of site pages in 5 times. The speed gets increased with the help of LiteSpeed Cache, an advanced cache management plugin. Want to be the fastest in the wild west? Install the plugin and you are on a roll.

Professional support around the clock

Any time of the day or night - on holidays, weekends or in the middle of the week - our professional technical support team will help to cope with the problem. If something stops or does not work as it should, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Free data backup

It all went wrong, the files were corrupted or did the update erase important information? It does not matter, you can always restore your site by contacting us. The backup is stored for 30 days, therefore, even if you noticed the site’s problem not at once , уou can restore the site’s contents within 30 days.

Certum Commercial SSL certificate for free

When ordering any tariff for a year or more

The best Drupal hosting in Ukraine

The Drupal content management system is a free CMS, which is different by a wide variety of settings and special flexibility, making it popular among a large number of developers. New users will be able to manage the site on Drupal without any problems, especially if you order the Drupal web hosting service - it helps you to get ready-made hosting with a pre-installed “engine”.

Drupal Website Management does not raise any problems - the interface is thoughtful and easy to use. You can complement the system capabilities and add a set of additional modules or tool kits, in addition to the basic settings.

Drupal hosting is an excellent solution for developers who want to save time and speed up the start of their resources: you don't have to search for the latest versions, download, install, create a database and pre-configure the system - we have done this for you and simplified the installation process to one action.


We will transfer your sites to HostPro

All plans include

  • Hosting control panel cPanel;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Database server MariaDB 10, phpMyAdmin;
  • Database server PostgreSQL 9.2, phpPgAdmin;
  • LiteSpeed Web Server;
  • PHP 4.4 - 8.1;
  • Perl 5, Python Selector, Ruby Selector, NodeJS Selector;
  • SSH upon request, sFTP/FTP, SCP access (secure data copying);
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Mail lists/forwarders/autoresponders;
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP services for mail management (including SSL encryption);
  • Secured webmail interface;
  • File manager (via hosting control panel);
  • Unlimited subdomains;
  • Subdomains, websites and FTP accounts management;
  • Access and Error logs (server), server stats;
  • Password protected directories;
  • Custom error pages, managed with .htaccess;
  • Cron task scheduler;
  • Daily data backup.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL;


  • Intel Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v4
  • Instruction Set 64-bit


  • Size: 128 GB


  • Volume: 3 ТВ
  • RAID10 on the SSD disks
  • Read speed : 550 MB/s
  • Write speed: 520 MB/s
  • Adaptec 7805 controller


How to transfer Drupal 8 to hosting from the local server?

The website structure consists of the website root directory and database. You can transfer the root directory using any available FTP client. You need to connect to the server to which the transfer will be performed and transfer the contents of the site's root directory to the root directory on the server. Next, the database is created on the server and the database damp import is executed from your local server to the server which you’re transferring to. In the site’s root directory, in the configuration.php file, the string for connecting to the new database is changed. It’s recommended to find and, if necessary, to perform the change of the site’s root directory in the website files and database.

How to configure VPS for Drupal correctly?

The configuration of the server will depend on the VPS server capacity, the control panel and the structure of the website itself. There are some basic recommendations for configuring the server. These recommendations include: Apache + Nginx (cgi/Fcgi) | Nginx + php-fpm | LiteSpeed; at least MySQL 5.5.3 / MariaDB 5.5.20; using php 7.3 (7.4) versions; additional usage of caching services. You can always reach out to the Hostpro tech support team to receive recommendations for VPS server configuration so that it meets your website’s needs.

What is managed hosting for Drupal?

Managed hosting is the principle on which the hosting provider’s structure is built and configured. In other words, fully managed hosting implies that the hosting provider takes care of everything. The hosting provider supports and updates the machine and system part of the servers, executes and improves the monitoring system of all server functions. In the case of system breakdown, the hosting provider is responsible for the removal of system and machine defects. Additionally, the principle of managed hosting implies that backup copies of a website are created and stored for a certain period of time. Managed Drupal hosting from Hostpro uses and follows this principle of the managed hosting structure.

How is Drupal hosting different from regular hosting?

On the server, LiteSpeed is used as a web server. LiteSpeed significantly increases the speed of information processing as compared to Apache+Ngnix. The MySQL server is optimally configured for the operation of sites managed by Drupal 8 CMS. This allows you to process queries to the database faster which reduces the time on processing the information from the sample. As a result, the average time of the website response reduces. The prebuilt panel on the server allows you to choose PHP configuration including the version, modules and parameters. Additionally, ImunifyAV is used to check accounts for possible vulnerabilities in the code.

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