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Our Planet Earth and its future in the domain .earth. According to world experts, today we have exhausted the resources of the Planet and started living on credit. Everyone can notice how climate changes, how much garbage we produce and how wasteful our existence is. Environmental issues should be central to the schools, families, cities and villages, everywhere where people live and where possible to apply damage to nature - the goal of .earth domain is to minimize it.

The domain was opened for general registration in 2015. It has a place for all brilliant ideas, how to live more environmentally friendly, to prolong the life of things, to recycle waste, to refuse to use plastic, to take care of themselves and their home, about our still green Planet.

When registering a domain, it is worth considering that the minimum number of characters in the site name is 3, and the maximum is 63. It is important that the name of the site is easily remembered and reproduced by your visitors.

You can transfer a domain from another registrar. At the moment, the registration price is , and the renewal of the domain for the next year is . Domain in the zone can be purchased for a period of 1 to 10 years.

We are always in search of the best prices for domains. Domain discounts are relevant only for first year registrations. Also, the promotional price is not valid for premium domains.

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