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Domain register.ac

The .AC domain name was created for the citizens of Ascension Island as a national domain. Registrars of .AC zone do not expose any special conditions or restrictions. Individuals or legal entities from anywhere in the world can become owners of this domain zone, it’s enough to indicate your contact details during registration.

If you pay attention to how the .AC domain sounds, and use imagination, it will become a perfect name for sites of travel and manufacturing companies, institutes and academies, bloggers with initials .AC. Or you can just play around with words and get a cool, memorable name, for example, the website of the gardening firm pastern.ac.

When registering a domain, it is worth considering that the minimum number of characters in the site name is 3, and the maximum is 63. It is important that the name of the site is easily remembered and reproduced by your visitors.

You can transfer a domain from another registrar. At the moment, the registration price is , and the renewal of the domain for the next year is . Domain in the zone can be purchased for a period of 1 to 10 years.

We are always in search of the best prices for domains. Domain discounts are relevant only for first year registrations. Also, the promotional price is not valid for premium domains.

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SSL сертификат

Free SSL certificate

You also get the opportunity to connect the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate free of charge and make the data transfer more secure by working via HTTPS connection. It requires only a few minutes for installation, the certificate protects one domain, and provides encryption.

Личная почта

Site's personal mail

You can create a mailbox with the name of your site by connecting the site.pro builder. Your mail will looks like sales@mycompany

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