Comodo SSL Certificate

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Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo SSL Certificate

The most simple certificate for 1 domain. It verifies ownership of the domain name, type of validation (DV - Domain Validated). Certificate is available for individuals and legal entities.

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Comodo SSL Certificate


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The Comodo SSL certificate is suitable for a fast growing commercial site. Comodo seal verifies the high degree of encryption and transactions’ protection. The green padlock in the browser’s bar indicates the security of the transactions. The certificate is verified by a 2048-bit signature.

It is not required to provide documents to receive certificate, which significantly reduces the time of it’s issuance. It is ready for use almost immediately, after payment and processing of the certificate through our client panel.

Compatible with 99.3% of browsers:


Google Chrome 3+


Mozilla Firefox 1+


Safari 0+


Opera 7+


IE 5+

We have a wide range of certificates for all needs!

Features and specifications of certificates

  • Certificate for 1 domain;
  • Validation type - domain;
  • Ability of 256-bit encryption;
  • Unlimited servers’ license;
  • Compatible with 99.3% of browsers;
  • Free SSL re-issuance;
  • 30-days money-back guarantee;
  • Displays Comodo Seal;

  • The certificate is verified by 2048-bit seal;
  • Automated verification that does not require confirmation;
  • The certificate is insured for $2500 000;
  • Free site seal (Secure Site Seal);
  • Does not protect subdomains;
  • Free technical support 24/7;
  • Certificate issuance 24/7;

*EV upgrades are relevant for the first year of usage and limited to one upgrade for each domain.

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