Comodo Code Signing

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Comodo Code Signing

The certificate is designed to protect the software. Before issuing a certificate, an extended check is carried out by the individual or organization that issued the software. Available for software developers.

Comodo Code Signing
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If you are developing software and looking for a quick and affordable way to secure it, Comodo Code Signing will be an excellent solution. The certificate guarantees to your customers the security of application and verifies that it has not been damaged or altered by third parties. With the help of Comodo Code Signing, developers can be assured of maintaining the right to intellectual property, thereby increasing their reputation. Due to the certificate, customers can identify the software author and, if necessary, contact him.

To accelerate the procedure of the certificate issuance before the order is necessary to fulfill the certification center requirements. A full list can be found here.

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Certificates’ features and specifications

  • Verifies the software ownership;
  • Validation type - Organization;
  • 32-bit or 64-bit digital signature of files in the .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab format and kernel software;
  • Compatibility of the following formats and platforms;
  • Windows 8;
  • Any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit);
  • Adobe AIR applications;
  • JAVA applets; 
  • Mozilla Object files;
  • MS Office Macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) files;
  • Apple Mac software for MacOS 9 and OSX;
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications or XAF files;
  • The certificate is ready to work in 1-3 days;
  • Free technical support 24/7;
  • Certificate issuance 24/7;

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