Certum Premium SSL

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  • Increase position in search
  • Growth of trust visitors
Certum Premium SSL

Extended Validation Certificate, which can provide the highest level of security and verifies the authenticity of the site. The certificate is available only for legal entities.

Certum Premium SSL
$ 116 / год
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That is why this certificate is very popular among many companies, organizations and government institutions. The advantages of this certificate can be seen immediately in the address bar of the browser - it's a green light and personal information of the site owner. In that case your customers will be able to pay without any fear and keep personal data on your website.

We guarantee a 30 day free certificate re-issuance, which makes it possible to re-issue the certificate. In addition, Certum SSL certificates support SHA-2 hash algorithm.

Совместимость с 99,0% браузеров:


Google Chrome 3+


Mozilla Firefox 1+


Opera 7+


(все версии)


IE 5+

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Особенности и характеристики сертификата

  • Сертификат для 1 домена;
  • Extended Validation ;
  • 128 или 256-битное шифрование;
  • Неограниченная лицензия серверов;
  • Совместимость с 99,0% браузеров;
  • 30-дневная гарантия возврата денег;
  • Сертификат проверяется 2048/4096 битной подписью;
  • Сертификат застрахован на сумму 100 000 долларов США;
  • Печать бесплатного сайта (Site Seal);
  • Бесплатная техническая поддержка 24/7;
  • Выдача сертификат 24/7;

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