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Conditions of the affiliate program for the integrators of “Bitrix: Website Management” digital products

1. Acquiring the partner status

1.1. To receive the partner status, register in the affiliate program..

1.2. Registration without ordering any products is only possible for individuals.

1.3. Private entrepreneurs and legal entities can go through the registration after ordering any plan, including the trial period. Then you need to activate the affiliate program in the Client area in the Partnership tab.

2. Partnership conditions

2.1. A partner receives a commission that amounts to 10% for every purchase that includes the following plans: "Bitrix Start", "Bitrix Standard", "Bitrix Small Business - 1", "Bitrix Small Business - 2", "Bitrix Small Business - 3".

2.2. If the converted client orders any other plan, the commission is calculated according to the standard conditions of the affiliate program.

2.3. A partner can create promo codes in the Client area, offering a 10% discount for the converted clients, who are ordering hosting and VPS. The promo code is valid solely for new clients and for a single order. If the client uses the promo code, the commission is paid according to the sum submitted by the client.

2.4. A client is considered converted by the partner if:

- The client makes a purchase having followed the partner’s referral link.

- The partner has sent a letter to [email protected], where they specify the email address which the client indicated when placing the order.

2.5. A partner receives a commission from 10% to 20% which is subtracted from the purchased plan, extension, or transfer from one license to the other in Bitrix: Website Management. The commission received depends on the number of licenses purchased by the clients who the partner has converted.

- From 0 to 5 licenses - 10%

- From 6 to 5 licenses - 15%

- From 11 licenses - 20%

3. Conditions for paying interest and payment procedures

3.1. Commission is paid to the partner’s account after 37 days since the time the order was paid by the client.

3.2. To move the commission from the Partner’s account to the Client’s account is possible when the commission reaches $10. To move the accredited money to a personal card, the sum should amount to at least $25.

3.3. The payment is performed when requested by the partner. The request is sent to [email protected]. After sending the request the payment is processed within 72 hours.

3.4. The available partner balance can be checked in the Client area in the Partnership tab.

3.5. The partner report is sent to the email on the first day of each month.

4. The partners are forbidden to:

4.1. Place contextual or media ads about the Hostpro company (including the keywords ‘hostpro’ and ‘хостпро’) in any search engine.

4.2. Create, place, and send links that lead to the https://hostpro.ua website when it violates Ukrainian legislation.

4.3. Place information about the Hostpro company on websites that violate current Ukrainian legislation.

4.4. Force clients to go to the https://hostpro.ua, website through a link or banner.

4.5. Violate the aforementioned rules. If a violation is confirmed, the partner is excluded from the affiliate program.

5. Information

5.1. We leave the right to change the conditions of the affiliate program. We oblige to inform the clients via email about the changes to the affiliate program 7 days before those changes come into force.