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NVMe plans

Make websites 8x faster

  • with the new industrial NVMe drives
  • and powerful 5 Ghz processors

The best NVMe plan

Perfect for startups

First Turbo NVMe

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • .com.ua comes free of charge

5 GHz


512 MB

PHP memory

10 GB


3.95 / mo


Even more power in the new plans

Even more power in the new plans

Why choose NVMe hosting at Hostpro

We use only industrial NVMe drives with a powerful processor based on the Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, which ensures a 4x growth of query processing to a database. Due to this technology, projects of any type and complexity load faster, even when there's traffic peaks such as when launching an advertising campaign for instance. We take security seriously and your websites are under our meticulous watch 24/7. We protect your sites from viruses, DDoS attacks and spambots.

Ideal for large IT projects is the NVMe VPS from Hostpro. We work with 2nd generation industrial processors optimized to deliver maximum productivity. Thanks to KVM virtualization, you get guaranteed resources despite the traffic your neighbors are having. To deliver even more value, we offer free administration and VPS monitoring via the Telegram bot.

Hosting as a gift

When moving the site to Hostpro – a month of hosting and SSL as a gift

Unrivaled speed of your site

Give your website speed a significant boost

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Extended tech support and administration

We’ll transfer your site at your convenience and fine tune it, tackling all settings and optimizations.
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Unsurpassed productivity

You can experience great productivity, which standard SSD cannot rival with, even when the project is vast and the traffic is huge.
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Speed and reliability guaranteed

Read/write speed and multi-threaded query processing is many times faster. Top uptime is guaranteed due to the solid construction of the drive.
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Free daily backups

We provide daily backups with every hosting plan. You can also access the archive for the past 30 days.

Speed your site up

We’ll transfer your site to Hostpro free of charge