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Choose trusted SSL certificate for your site

Secure your site and move on https


Basic encryption for sites without financial transactions

Why does my site need SSL?

The main advantages of a paid certificate


Confidence of visitors to the site

The availability of the certificate increases customer confidence and increases the conversion, guaranteeing the protected connection.

Visible security guarantees

Closed lock in the line of any browser and https before the name of your site.

Top positions in search engines

Google announced that sites using the HTTPS protocol are ranked higher in the issuance and occupy the best positions.

Encryption and protection of the information

SSL certificates provide the highest degree of data encryption. They are confirmed by a 2048 bit signature and 128/256 bit encryption.

Security in 99.9% of browsers

The connection between the user and the site will be protected regardless of which browser he is using.

Financial guarantees

In case of data loss, the Certification Center guarantees the claimed insurance payment.

How can I activate an SSL certificate for a domain?

Stage 1

Choose and pay the appropriate SSL

Stage 3

In the activation letter, follow the instruction and enter the necessary data

Stage 5

Confirm the request in the letter from the Certification Authority

We will install SSL for free

Our technical support specialists will help you 24/7 to choose the necessary certificate for your site and pass the certificate authority verification. Will help to install SSL for free and configure HTTPS. Contact us in any convenient way for you: by phone, on-line chat or e-mail.

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